If you want to understand Gled, read the overview paper.
If you want to install and use Gled, read some of the guide for the impatient and then the description of Gled's GUI
The paradigms of Gled describe the Gled system in a more relaxed way. It is complemental to the overview paper (although similar in contents).
For the brave of hearth there is auto-generated HTML class documentation including class hierarchy and class index.
The architecture of Gled is a document in preparation. Let us know if you need more information.


gledimp guide for the impatient: covers installation, building, running and extending of Gled
gledparadigms        the basic paradigms of Gled: introduction to terminology and functionality.
gledgui a pictorial introduction to Gled GUI
gledarch in preparation, will become reference for developers


current, 1.3.1, 1.2.5


Matev¾ Tadel: Gled - an Implementation of a Hierarchic Server-Client Model

Description of core functionality of Gled and basic ideas of the implementation.

Available versions


Gled is an implementation of a hierarchic server--client model written in C++, having an outside form of an object oriented framework. Master server exposes its object space to its first-level clients which in turn provide mirroring facilities to second-level clients and also export their own object spaces. Each client therefore plays a role of a client, a proxy and a server. Infrastructure for propagation and broadcasting of method invocation requests is provided and is general enough to allow for an efficient access control. Synchronization of object spaces is achieved via streaming of object graphs and a time-ordered delivery of method invocation requests. Objects can acquire their own threads to perform different tasks such as computation, data acquisition & analysis or dynamic visualization. The obtained results can be pushed to other computing nodes or storage devices. As threads are spawned and controlled by standard method invocation requests, schedulers & job control mechanisms spawning across a whole Gled cluster can easily be implemented. On viewer level, Gled features automatically generated GUI widgets and a sophisticated 3D rendering infrastructure.

Matev¾ Tadel: Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure of Gled

Description of authentication and authorization mechanisms of the Gled framework. Representation of users and groups wihtin Gled object spaces.

Available versions