New classes and/or Gled extensions can be added into the Gled system by loading of shared libraries, called libsets. Basic facilities and server/client/viewer programs are implemented in the GledCore libset. The gled-base distribution also contains Geom1, Numerica, GTS, Audio1, RootGeo and Var1.


LibID = 1;
Libset_Name = "GledCore";
Libset_Deps = [];
External_Deps = [ "ROOT", "fltk", "fltk-mt" ];
status: functional
The basic elements are working. Development focused on new functionality.
development priority: high
Core functionality extensions. GUI & rendering enhancements.

GledCore libset contains the actual implementation of the Gled system and provides facilities for dynamic loading of other libsets:


LibID = 2;
Libset_Name = "Geom1";
Libset_Deps = [ "GledCore" ];
External_Deps = [ "DevIL" ];
status: functional
Provides extensions and demonstrates abilities of the rendering infrastructure.
development priority: medium
Extension with new shapes / operators / shaders.

Geom1 provides some basic geometric shapes and animation operators:


LibID = 3;
Libset_Name = "Numerica";
Libset_Deps = [ "GledCore" ];
External_Deps = [ "GSL" ];
status: functional demo
Demonstrates Gled's ability to incorporate numerical algorithms and spawn centrally controlled computations across a computing cluster. GNU Scientific library is required.
development priority: low

Numerica provides implementations of two numeric algorithms and demonstration classes:


LibID = 4;
Libset_Name = "Audio1";
Libset_Deps = [ "GledCore" ];
External_Deps = [ "OpenAL" ];
status: functional
Wrapper over OpenAl library: context, buffer, source and listener objects are interfaced.
development priority: low


LibID = 16;
Libset_Name = "GledGTS";
Libset_Deps = [ "GledCore" ];
External_Deps = [ "gts" ];
status: partial implementation
GledGTS is a minimal wrapper over the GTS -- GNU Triangulated Surface Library. The GTSurf glass is gled's representation of a gts surface, supporting loading of gts files and rendering of surfaces. Surfaces can be generated from explicit equations specifying an iso-surface (glass GTSIsoMaker).
development priority: low


LibID = 17;
Libset_Name = "EHS";
Libset_Deps = [ "GledCore" ];
External_Deps = [ "EHS" ];
status: protoype
Minimal wrapper over Embedded HTTP Server library. Mostly abandoned.
development priority: low


LibID = 33;
Libset_Name = "Var1";
Libset_Deps = [ "GledCore", "Geom1", "GTS", "Numerica", "Audio1" ];
External_Deps = [ ];
status: tech demo
Classes for implementation of terrain and space-based multi-player real-time strategy games.
development priority: high

Used by the Greed project.


LibID = 64;
Libset_Name = "RootGeo";
Libset_Deps = [ "GledCore" ];
External_Deps = [ ];
status: done
Further extensions possible.
development priority: /

RootGeo provides interface to new ROOT's geometry package (classes TGeo...). It supports browsing and viewing of geometrical volume hierarchy and provides an interface to check for volume overlaps and visualize them.

Complete list of regestered libsets

LibID Name
1 GledCore
2 Geom1
3 Numerica
4 Audio1
5 Net1
16 GledGTS
17 EHS
32 TADemo
33 Var1
64 RootGeo
65 Alice
66 AliEnViz
67 XrdMon
128 Tmp1