Current version of Gled is v1.3.1, released on 31st of January 2010. It adds OSX as the second supported platform and includes many new developments for the Greed prototype.

The main goals for the v1.3 release series are:

Previous version of Gled was v1.3.0, released on 1st of April 2009.

The first public release of Gled (v1.2.0) has been announced on 3rd of June 2003.


Gled as an OO framework/toolkit is a functional base upon which higher-level functionality can be built. Some changes in the core implementation are planned for Gled-2.

It can be used for development of object-system prototypes, visualization systems and for distributed computing. VR scenes can be set-up and several users can modify them cooperatively. Authentication and access control system is fully functional and allows the usage of Gled across untrusted networks.


Compilation and run-time environment: Libsets:


Server-client protocol:

Handling of files:

User authentication and access control: DONE

Base glasses: DONE