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\gled object-space layout for running \greedworld


Matevz Tadel




Document plan:

  1. Discuss separation between servers and interchange of specific data among them. Storage of suspended worlds.

  2. Discuss separation between server and clients. Clients have a limited view of objects not owned by identities assigned to their MEE.

General layout

Each solar system is run by a couple of closely located machines, preferably being connected with a giga-bit LAN. The space of the solar system is naturally divided into concentric regions around the central star(s) and into hierarchy of planet/moon regions. Each such region is run by a node in hierarchical server-client architecture of \gled. For now let us assume that one region/planet/moon can be run by one machine using multiple cores. This should always be possible either by: a) getting a machine with more cores/memory; b) limiting the size or precision of the planetary body.